Douglass Seeley was born in San Antonio, Texas and moved around the United States frequently with his family. He was raised on his mothers Midwestern rooted cooking but also was able to enjoy the unique flavors each new locale provided. As with most Chefs, his interest in food started young, as a child even getting caught sneaking off from a hotel tour to peek into the restaurant's refrigerators.

Seeley worked during his high school at a local Italian restaurant, which solidified his love for the kitchen. After high school he attended The Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park, NY. Upon graduating he spent time cooking in Arizona and Oregon where he began to develop his own personal style and philosophy of food.

In his constant quest to learn more, Seeley took a class at the CIA's Northern California campus and fell in love with the Napa Valley. The Valley's abundant farm to table connection and beauty appealed to him, so he decided to make his stay permanent. Doug started out at Tra Vigne Restaurant where he first met chef Michael Gyetvan and where he was also introduced to the bounty of California grown ingredients and 
the art of curing meats by the very passionate chef Carmen
 Quagliata. Doug feels that Carmen's respect and love for food really came out in every dish he touched. A passion that Doug will embrace that the rest of his culinary career. Seeley moved on to open restaurants, Miramonte and then Cindy's Backstreet Kitchen, with pioneering chef Cindy Pawlcyn. "Cindy's encyclopedic knowledge of cooking and ability to incorporate flavors from all over the globe, as well as her ability to nurture and coax the best out of her employees has been a huge influence on me." As Pawlcyn’s Executive Sous Chef he was able to use his creativity and take advantage of wonderful Bay Area produce and purveyors.

A stint at high end restaurant Etoile at Domaine Chandon helped Doug realize that his heart is devoted to classic American comfort food. He got to indulge in this as the Sous Chef of Napa's Barbers Q restaurant. BBQ will always be a favorite of his, but when the opportunity to be involved with Norman Rose Tavern arose he jumped at the opportunity. Seeley started as a Sous Chef at Norman Rose Tavern and was promoted in 2011 to Chef du Cuisine, a position that has been a great fit for his personal style and philosophy.

While not in the kitchen, Doug spends his time with his wife, Jackie and two adorable daughters, 
Penelope and Guinivere.